Arcis Quintett: Haydn, Reicha, Hindemith, Villa-Lobos


Andrea Lieberkecht, Flöte
Bernhard Heinrichs, Oboe
Harald Harrer, Klarinette
Franz Draxinger, Horn
Gabriele Rheineck, Fagott

Josef Haydn (1732-1809) : Divertimento B-dur
Paul Hindemith (1895-1963): Kleine Kammermusik op.24 Nr.2
Anton Reicha (1770-1836): Quintett D-dur op.91 Nr.3
Heitor Villa-Lobos (1887-1959): Quintette en forme de Choros

Die CD ist erschienen bei:
Ars Musici (Freiburger Musik Forum), Schwarzwaldstraße 298a,
Schloßpark Ebnet, D-79117 Freiburg


Arcis Quintett: Haydn, Reicha, Hindemith, Villa-Lobos; eine Schallplattenkritik aus Fono Forum

The members of the Arcis Quintet met whilst music students, and founded the ensemble ten years ago. As this disc testifies, they are now approaching a maturity as an ensemble, though the performers are barely 30 years old.

Throughout, all the players display great virtuosity (perhaps the lautist Andrea Lieberknecht is the pick) but this is very much a collective effort. Particularly impressive is the group´s ability to play pianissimo and to accompany a solo line; for instance in the third movement of the Hindemith, a wonderful atmosphere es created without losing the thread of the music.

The most extreme technical demands are made by the Villa-Lobos Quintet. Here each instrument flies around the extremes of their range as the composer incorporates Brazilian folk music with European classical tradition. On more familiar ground the playing of the Hindemith particularly is witty and stylish and is cleverly programmed to follow the Haydn Divertimento. It is astonishing how much these two works have in common when heard side by side. A welcome addition to the catalogue.

(von Stuart Nickless)